KKIT Creations WeCroak Android – FAQ

WeCroak Android – FAQ

Troubleshooting Questions

Q: The reminders/notification have stopped arriving on my device, or never arrived, how can we fix this?

If you have had problems in the past with notifications in WeCroak, or you are a new user, please tap “Give Permission” to allow WeCroak to run in the background, then “Yes” or “Allow” to ignore battery optimizations.” If the App has never asked you these things questions, then open the App, tap About and then tap Reset.


Q: Why are the reminders/notifications not arriving on my phone?

Each Android phone handles notifications differently, so some devices will receive the notifications easily, other devices will struggle with it.

But we are constantly improving notification reliability on more and more devices. If it is giving you trouble, them please send us an email through the Contact Support button in the App and that will send your device info to us so we can troubleshoot it with you.


Q: I reset my phone and now notifications are not arriving. Help?

Please re-open the App. When you do so, new reminders will automatically be scheduled to start arriving again.



Q: I’d like a refund, may I please have one?

Of course! Just send your order number to ian@wecroak.com and we’ll take care of it.


Non-Troubleshooting Questions

Q: Where is the quote? I only see the notification saying “Don’t forget you are going to die”.

In order to view a new quote you do have to open the notification and launch the App.


Q: I received several notifications but when I open the App, only one quote is there, why is that?

We designed the App so that there is no way to view more than one quote at a time, regardless of how many notifications have arrived. Like life, the quotes are fleeting, we need to appreciate them while we can. But, don’t worry, the quotes will eventually repeat, so you are not likely to miss any particular quote for long!


Q: Why can’t I see quotes that I previously saw, for example the 5 most recent quotes?

We designed the App so that past quotes are not accessible; so their is no option to view past quotes. If you really like a quote and want to keep it, try taking a screenshot of it.


Q How can I save or share quotes?

There is a great, but slightly non-intuitive way, to save/share quotes: take a screenshot and then save/share that picture.

You can also copy and paste quotes from the App.


Q: Why do quotes repeat?

My apologies that the quotes are repeating. When it’s time for a new quote, the App randomly selects one from our list of 250 quotes; so getting repeat quotes is just bad mathematical chance. We will be addressing this in a future update.


Q How do I stop the notifications from arriving:

You can stop the notifications at any time by deleting the App from your device.


Q: I have a question you didn’t answer here, what now?

Just shoot me a message at ian@wecroak.com

I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.


Q: Are we really all going to die?

Yes. So why not enjoy life?!