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Sallie Tisdale is the author of nine books and today we are talking about her most recent Advice for Future Corpses (and Those Who Love Them). Tisdales writing has also appeared in Harper’s, Antioch Review, Conjunctions, Threepenny Review, The New Yorker, and Tricycle, among other journals. As a palliative care nurse, meditator and writer, this WeCroak podcast episode is about what we do and don’t do when death is near. Buy: Advice for Future Corpses Author’s Website Support WeCroak on Patreon Download our app, as featured in 10% Happier, Atlantic Magazine and The New York Times, at Sounds by James Mercer

2 thoughts on “2| Sallie Tisdale”

  1. Roberto says:

    Is there a place we can find sayings that we missed during the day? I’m not on or near my mobile all the time. So when I do look at it, I’ll see that I’ve had three reinders. I can open one of them, but the others disappear with nowhere to find them. Or am I missing something?

    1. admin says:

      Sorry but it is not possible to view past or missed quotes. But if you miss one, don’t worry, the quotes will eventually repeat, so you are not likely to miss any particular quote for long.

      Having some sort of quote-archive is a future we have been debating since last year, but ultimately we decided that we want the quotes to be like life: fleeting. If we miss them, they are gone forever.

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